The success of any maintenance management model is based upon highly skilled man­power. Skilled teams must be knowledgeable, should preserve their technical expertise and get exposed to new technologies. CITI engages specialists whose knowledge and expertise are valuable. Companies should put a strong emphasis on the training of their specialized working teams and send them periodically to seminars with professional educational programs

Perform Better

Our aim is to assist companies perform better and achieve more when using their owned or rented corona cameras.

Professional skills

It is for the best interest of each organization that owns a corona camera to ensure that operators have the proper professional skills, background and understanding of the ongoing processes that are taking place and initiate corona.

Analysis & Reports

Using corona cameras entails reporting, acknowledging faults, recommending, scheduling and prioritizing. These tasks can be achieved only if incorporating proper theoretical background. Experience is always advantageous yet not necessarily enough.

Certified UViGrapher

Novice professionals will benefit from having a UViGrapher certificate included in their resume to compensate for their lack of experience. Experienced professionals’ resume will be enriched by an additional skill, which and can lead them a promotion or to a new position in their organization. Certification can be advantageous when resumes.


  • Learn from UV authoritative professionals
  • Become a qualified certified UV inspectors
  • Get practical and theoretical training on using UV inspection for predictive maintenance
  • Make the most of your existing equipment
  • Let go of "trial and error" education and decrease maintenance costs
  • Tune up with the latest technological innovations

Who should attend?

  • All levels Inspectors
  • PdM Managers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • DayCor® or other corona camera owners


"This has been one of the most interesting courses taken in my working career. In no small part this was because of the knowledge and experience the instructor shared as the course progressed. I highly recommend this course with this instructor. Thanks John!." J W Canada Apr 2018

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