The success of any maintenance management model is based upon highly skilled man­power. Skilled teams must be knowledgeable, should preserve their technical expertise and get exposed to new technologies. CITI engages specialists whose knowledge and expertise are valuable. Companies should put a strong emphasis on the training of their specialized working teams and send them periodically to seminars with professional educational programs


  • Learn from UV authoritative professionals
  • Become a qualified certified UV inspectors
  • Get practical and theoretical training on using UV inspection for predictive maintenance
  • Make the most of your existing equipment
  • Let go of "trial and error" education and decrease maintenance costs
  • Tune up with the latest technological innovations

Who should attend?

  • All levels Inspectors
  • PdM Managers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • DayCor® or other corona camera owners


"I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and tell you how much I enjoyed the training. The facility was great and the program was exceptional. Paul was an excellent instructor and made things very easy to understand. As I come across issues I will pass them along, especially if it involves switchgear." A. Schwartz Nov 2014

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